The Psychology of the Color Gray

The Psychology of the Color Gray

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Using the Color Gray

The Color Gray is Intelligent and Gray is Elegant.

Using the color gray in your home

Gray is Elegant

If you long for serenity, using the color gray in your home decor is a great place to start. Gray has an inherent calmness and sophistication. You can choose a solid gray that symbolizes strength, or go for a softer gray that offers a more delicate feel.

While some find the color gray murky and depressing, others respond to gray’s ability to make other colors sing. A favorite neutral of designers, many use it as a background color, or mix different tones and shades of gray together to create a feel of simple glamour.
Gray can also soften a loud sofa or provide the perfect backdrop that allows wood accents to shine. While some consider gray too serious for a playful space like a child’s bedroom or relaxed family room, many shades and tones of gray are ideal for masculine spaces like a den.Create a romantic bedroom with lighter tones. Driftwood-gray walls can add a beach-house feel to a casual living room. If you need a quiet background for more vibrant colors in a sitting room, deep charcoal walls can get the job done. Gray and white is a classic color combination that provides a clean and crisp look for kitchens and bathrooms.

A Gray Curb Appeal

Use the color gray to highlight architecture on the exterior of your house. Certain tones are common throughout the Colonial era, and colors like light weathered gray, charcoal gray and slate gray are popular choices for roof tiles and shingles. The grays on the stone siding of a gothic-style house combined with a burgundy-red front door can create a prominent and dramatic entry.
“I like gray because it’s dependable,” says interior designer Elaine Ryan. “It’s an anchor color. A house painted gray with black glossy shudders and white trim is stunningly beautiful.”

Ways to Achieve a Mood With Gray

  • Dove gray is a soft and soothing neutral that pairs well with plums and violets.
  • Use red walls with a charcoal-gray ceiling for a glamorous dining room.
  • If you want a space that feels soft and inviting, consider a cloud gray and ecru or fawn color scheme.
  • Create a stylish bedroom with personality by combining slate-gray walls with touches of chartreuse.

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